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Meet Our Directors

Dedicated & Certified


Shana-Kay Dennis

Hello, my name is Shana-Kay Dennis. I am the Director of Faith Child Care. I have completed all my primary and secondary education in the city of Poughkeepsie.  I earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from SUNY New Paltz in 2018 and began working with young children. My passion is early childhood education, and I believe that a strong program like ours is necessary to lay a solid foundation for young children to be successful in school and life. The Bible states, “Direct your children onto the right path, and when they are older, they will not leave it” (Proverbs 22:6 NLT).


Working with children means understanding that no two children are the same. As an educator, my job is to help develop your child into the person they are meant to become. By guiding them using biblical principles and using my extensive training in early childhood education, my staff and I are committed to teaching them the spiritual and developmental tools to be successful.  I am so excited to be a part of your child’s educational journey and I look forward to building a partnership with you and your family to support your child’s growth.


Kedisha Wray

Hello, my name is Kedisha Wray. I earned my Early Childhood degree in 2015, and I've been dedicated to working with children ever since. My experience includes serving in the Poughkeepsie school district, at Honey Bee Childcare, and within my church's youth programs. 

On a personal note, I'm happily married and blessed with three wonderful boys who bring immense pride and joy to my life. Beyond my professional life, I find fulfillment in traveling, cherishing quality moments with my family, and living for Jesus.

I firmly believe that each child is a unique and valuable individual deserving of the utmost respect. As an educator, my mission is to nurture and cultivate every child's strengths, interests, skills, and abilities. I firmly advocate for meeting each child's needs and ensuring they receive the highest quality education under the guidance of their caregivers and educators.

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