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Enriching Educational Spaces


In our nurturing environment, we prioritize the establishment of a strong sense of security and trust for both parents and infants alike. Our team of experienced and highly qualified teachers is dedicated to being sensitive and attentive to the unique needs of each child under our care. We also maintain a daily report to keep you informed about your child's daily activities and progress.

Our infant room curriculum is thoughtfully designed around key developmental milestones. We focus on important stages such as rolling over, mastering crawling, pulling up to stand, discovering new objects in their surroundings, responding to new sounds, and exploring the world around them. To support these milestones, we engage in various activities, including circle time, singing songs, reading stories, and engaging in meaningful conversations with the infants. We also integrate babies into our daily routines whenever possible. Sensory play is a crucial component of our curriculum, ensuring that our classrooms are safe and conducive to active exploration.

Our program is committed to providing you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your baby is in capable hands, receiving the care and attention they deserve.

Room Details:

  • 1:4 Classroom Ratio

  • We prioritize cuddling, rocking, holding, and engaging in comforting conversations with your baby to create a secure and attached environment.

  • We use soft music, nursery rhymes, and gentle speech to stimulate infants and foster a sense of security and safety.

  • Our focus is on building developmentally appropriate infant skills, fostering growth at every stage of their journey.


Our toddler program is designed around a developmentally suitable curriculum, where we create an environment enriched with materials, activities, and methods tailored to your child's evolving development and emerging skills. Our curriculum embraces a creative and thematic approach to learning, while the classroom is thoughtfully organized to encourage active participation in social interactions.

Room Details:

  • 1:5 Classroom Ratio

  • Focus on social /emotional development through learning a positive sense of self and others

  • Continue the development of motor skills including large and small muscles

  • Further the development of language and listening skills

  • Develop knowledge about the world around them through participation in age appropriate routines

  • Build on potty training and personal care skills

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